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Pokémon3D version 0.23


Pokémon3D version 0.23 is out and it contains a few new features. Most changes are not noticeable at the first look. There are a few engine optimizations and smaller tweaks.

But here are the new features:

  • Resizeable window
  • Language selection (current languages are English and German)
  • Content packs (click “read more” down below to get more information about this)
  • Route 34
  • Daycare system
  • new moves (recoil moves, Transform and other)
  • gate map between Ilex Forest and Route 34
  • Autosave: If you quit to the menu, save the game or enter a wild Pokémon battle, the game autosaves your current save state. You can continue this autosave state by clicking continue in the menu. You can only have one autosave state at a time.
  • Map is redone
  • changed trainer AI

The new version is obtainable in the launcher. Also, sorry for the lack of content updates lately. We will go back to out default content update cycle after the engine is fully updated.

And for all those who want to know what content packs are, here’s a little guide:

Content packs are basically Texture packs. You can replace the original textures with your own. This also works for sounds and music. Also, you can add new textures, sounds and music.

To get this to work, you have to create the folder “ContentPacks” in the Pokemon folder once. In this folder, you can collect your content packs.


After that’s done, you have to create another folder in the content packs folder that is your content pack. You can choose any name you want.

Then, place your textures or other content (.xnb files) in that folder with the path relative to its real path in the content folder. For example, if you want to replace the texture “Pokemon\Content\Textures\BarkTown.xnb” you have to place your texture here: “Pokemon\ContentPacks\yourcontentpack\Textures\BarkTown.xnb”

Also, if you want to replace only certain texture rectangles from some textures, you can create a file named “exceptions.dat” which has to be in the root folder of you content pack (“Pokemon\ContentPacks\yourcontentpack\exceptions.dat”).

In this file, you can exchange certain textures with others. This is an example line:


This line replaces the texture at 0,0 in the texturepack “Textures\BarkTown” with the same texture coordinates from the cherrygrove texturepack.


This works with the current content pack or the default textures. The game checks automatically, if the textures exist in the current content pack and takes the original ones if they don’t exist.

You can activate only one content packs at a time, you can do this by opening the options.dat in the “Pokemon\Save" folder and change the “ContentPack” option to the name of your ContentPack (the name of the folder of you contentpack, not the path).

If the file doesn’t have the option, start the game with version 0.23 and hit M twice to change and save the options.dat.

If you have any questions to content packs, visit this page: Poké

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