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About Pokémon3D

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Pokémon3D is a recreation of the old Pokémon games Gold/Silver by Nintendo/GameFreak (but, of course this game has nothing to do with them ;)

You’re the hero of the game, and as usual, you want to be the best Pokémon trainer of all time. So let’s go, visit some grass and catch, battle and defeat wild Pokémon, explore towns and routes in 3D, collect items and Pokémon, play with a friend in LAN co-op and much more.

The game is currently under development and features are added frequently.

Pokémon3D is completely free of charge, doesn’t cost any money and you don’t have to pay for it.

This game is made for Microsoft Windows from XP upwards. Also, it is built with the .Net Framework and XNA Framework which are two basic frameworks from Microsoft.

You can download and install them here, if you haven’t already installed them:

XNA 4.0 Download

.Net Framework 4.0 Download

They are completely free, too. What you also need is a graphics card that supports DirectX 9 or better, but current graphics card are supporting this in general. But you should try to update your graphic card drivers if the game doesn’t work.


If the game doesn’t work or you have other problems with or just want to give a feedback or suggest a feature, you can join the forum and ask the question there: Forum on IndieDB


If you want to give your feedback in public, you can view the game here, give it a try:

  Pokémon3D on IndieDB

  Pokémon3D on Gamejolt

You can also rate the game there and discuss with other people.


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