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LudumDare 30!

I am going to participate in Ludum Dare 30 to make a game in 48 hours. I am trying to stream most of that process live here:

It’s going to start at 3 AM my time (UTC + 01).

If you like programming, games, music or computers, you should look into that ;)

The resulting game will be free and downloadable on GameJolt.

If you want to, you can also follow me on twitter to get updates about the game in text and images. So like on the stream. But not exactly.

Use the #ld48 hashtag on Twitter for all things LudumDare.

I hope you will have a good time watching and playing (and probably even making) games.

 - nilllzz


Awesome review of Pokémon3D


AutoTileGen: Steam release

Billy Mays mode engaged!

Did you ever want to make your very own game?

If you really took that large step and started creating a game, you noticed that there was something more than just programming and designing the stages: The actual art you need to make your game visually appealing.

This is where I mostly get stuck. I have great ideas, but when it comes to creating art, I can’t get myself to continue. There are a few basic tile designs I get done and that’s about it. But what if I told you, that now there’s a solution to this?

I watched this on Steam for a really long time, and now it’s finally getting released: AutoTileGen!

It’s a plain and simple editor that lets you create a full tileset by just a few  input tiles.

if you ENHANCE! the image, this is what is needed to create a 48-tiles rich tileset:

Yep, just 3 tiles that take nearly no time at all to create.

AutoTileGen will be on Steam in about 5 hours. It will only cost $25, with a 10% discount on launch. So grab one until it’s too late!


AutoTileGen on Steam

#AutoTileGen on Twitter

Also be sure to follow the developer on Twitter:


 - nilllzz


Pokémon3D version 0.49

And here we go again.

The next Pokémon3D update 0.49 is complete and ready for download.

This version contains these additions and changes:

  • Completed Saffron City
  • Added Celadon City
  • Added Route 7
  • Added Route 13
  • Added Route 14
  • Added Suicune Encounter on Route 14 and 25.
  • Added Saffron and Celadon Gyms
  • Added Magnet Train connecting Goldenrod and Saffron
  • Added Vending machines on the Goldenrod and Celadon Dept Store roofs
  • Rock Climb texture in Cliff Edge gate
  • Added legendary battle music
  • Added a new encounter animation for legendary Pokémon.
  • Fixed and changed the Roaming Pokémon encounters
  • Added an @title command to display titles on the screen.
  • Changed the @battle.wild command.
  • Added resizable interfaces to the main menu.
  • Lots of game and spelling fixes.

The update will available in the launcher shortly.

//The Pokémon3D team.


Pokémon3D version 0.48

And here we go, version 0.48 of Pokémon3D.

This version contains a lot of small changes and improvements, it adds lots of sounds, script changes and map improvements.

We also fixed the game crashing or not responding when unfocusing it.

All of those changes and updates are listed here: Pokémon3D version 0.48 full changelog.

Aside from that, we also updated the story and added new areas to the game:

  • Added Cerulean Cave
  • Completed the Rocket storyline in Kanto
  • Added a “surprise character” appearance

Also, GameModes are able to change the items that come from SmashRocks per map.

If you want to grab the update, you can do so in the launcher in a few seconds, once it’s available there.

Also, check out our forums and other parts of the website: Link

Have fun with these new additions to the game.

//The Pokémon3D Team.


Awesome Industries Inc.

You have probably never heard of it, and that is how it should be.

But in case you ever visited this page or someone told you about its content, here is the link anyways:

It looks like your average tech page that shows you some new technologies they invented. If you read through the page, you will find those claims amongst others:

  • They invented a technology to store multiple bytes in one bit.
  • They invented a radio antenna that can receive radio wave signals in varying frequencies at the same time.
  • Wireless hardware that processes data way faster than useable by any storage medium.

And before you ask, no, this is not a troll page, even though it seems so likely it is. The guy (born in 1999) running the page even spoke publicly at some Expo to show off his “products”.

I could go into detail and explain why every single product and nearly every single line of text on this page is a lie or straight up crazy, but someone has done it for me already:

If you want more information about the technology and the page in general, why not just send a message to the creators of the page directly? Here you go:

Just ask him about the things I listed above, I am very curious about the answers.

And as the icing on the cake, I unpacked my HTML magic skillz (spelling indicates joke) and created my own [AWESOME] Technologies website, right here on Tumblr:

My awesome technology

There’s even a program to that, and I can ensure you it doesn’t do anything, I linked the source code below. It’s just there to proof my point. You don’t need to download and run it to understand what’s going on.

I hope this is a valuable lesson on the topic “don’t believe anything you read on the internet”  for anyone, I just came across this website and couldn’t stop but making a blog post about this.

Have a nice day,

 - nilllzz


Pokémon3D takes over Reddit.

Not quite, but I want to invite you to the subreddit called r/pokemon3d on

I hope that we can build a community there in the future as well, posting images and text posts on there. The developers (me included) will browse that subreddit regularly so if you want to ask us something or suggest a feature there and want feedback from other redditors as well, there you go.

I will post random pictures, technical infos and other stuff there as well.

I hope you guys keep having fun with the game.
- nilllzz


Pokémon3D version 0.47 AND new launcher

Pokémon3D got updated to version 0.47 and with it comes a new version of the launcher program as well. I will get to the launcher changes later, first the game changes:

Story updates:

  • Added Four and Five Island to the game featuring new story parts.

Misc updates:

  • Added most field abilities
  • Overhauled the entire Pokémon Interactions feature and added item giving support based on surroundings
  • Added BugCatcher and Launcher restart features to the game (see launcher changes).
  • Added ledge jump sound effect.
  • Removed the camera lock when walking into a script trigger.
  • Added Noibat and Noivern.


  • Fixed lots of typos and inconsistencies throughout the entire game’s scripts and maps
  • Fixed Ice Body ability
  • Fixed breeding bug
  • Fixed Belly Drum move
  • Fixed game crashing when no audio output device is connected to the PC.
  • Fixed Clear Body ability.
  • Fixed a bug with the daycare script.
  • and as always, probably fixed a few more and created lots of ‘em.

You can get the new update through the launcher once it’s available. Which brings me to the launcher update:

The most notable changes are that the launcher now has an integrated bug reporting and displaying feature that we lovingly titled "BugCatcher". This system allows us to collect data from crashes that you experience within Pokémon3D. Also, if the game crashes, the game automatically reopens the launcher if started with the latest version of the launcher. There’s also a new option to always open the launcher upon closing the game.

We hope that these new features will help us fixing bugs and you getting faster back into the game. And for those wondering: We are NOT sending any sensible/personal data, just the crash log and a few parameters such as version of the game.

And we made crashes a little more enjoyable for you: It’s now a game to collect all the bug Pokémon, one will get displayed every time BugCatcher opens. (“I wanted to make crashes as enjoyable as possible, so I added colors”)

You can get the new launcher here: Download

Have fun with these new additions to the game and the launcher.

//The Pokémon3D Team.


Pokémon3D version 0.46.2

To fix a few bugs from the previous version of the game, we update to 0.46.2.

This version of the game doesn’t contain any new features, but here’s the list of fixes:

  • Fixed shader bug when using offset maps
  • Player cannot progress when fainting in the Burned Tower
  • Typo (“Viatmins”)
  • Strange Pokédex entries
  • Location sign not loading first location name
  • Lugia in Whirl Island glitch
  • Forgot to remove a script in Pewter Museum
  • The “Can Learn” indicator is calculated wrongly
  • Zweilos sprite bug
  • Running shoes interfering with scripts
  • Scientist Not Finding Radio signal
  • Crash bug when editing text in the chat
  • A Pokémon gets registered in the Pokédex upon acquiring an egg
  • Tin Tower has wrong map settings
  • Script issues with Gentleman Alfred
  • Trainer house has wrong map settings
  • Surfing tiles under Route 40 and Olivine Dock
  • Guy with wrong TM in Viridian City
  • Chip Away move damage is wrong
  • Copy-Paste crash on Chat Screen
  • Wrong Pokemon data tag for roaming battle crash
  • Wrong Ferroseed sprites
  • Battle Frontier Gate has wrong map settings
  • Amorphous Egg group issues
  • MissingNo appearing in the daycare because it doesn’t get cleared properly
  • GTS stacking friends for logged in users

Also Sitrus Berries have been nerfed to now restore 25% of a Pokémon’s HP instead of exactly 30 HP.

The new version of the game will be available in a few minutes.

//The Pokémon3D Team


Pokémon3D version 0.46

Pokémon3D version 0.46 is finally here!!!

Due to personal stuff, this update got delayed a bit. I am apologizing for the lack of content relative to the time it took to release this version of the game. However, it has new maps, moves and lots of other things to offer. Here’s a detailed list of what’s been added:

Player features:

  • New moves
  • New Abilities (from generation 6)
  • Specific egg colors for every Pokémon
  • Renamed Youngster Joey’s Rattata
  • Added global statistics for the statistics screen (accessible from the PokéGear)
  • Displaying the current BattleSpot team on the trainer card
  • Added CTRL text jumping to the chat
  • Improved online saving times and corruption prevention
  • New Maps: Digletts Cave, Route 1, 2, 3, 22, Viridian Forest, Pewter City, Pewter Museum, Mt. Moon, Viridian City, Pallet Town


  • Revamped Crash Log system
  • Improved File Validation and Process Validation systems
  • Added debug console (toggle with F3 + L)
  • Added Forced Crash (hold F3 + C)
  • Added Bounding Box Renderer (toggle with F3 + B)

Major Fixes:

  • Made the server name box resizable to fit the name
  • Prevented the game from crashing when the Windows Media Player is not installed (mutes the game)
  • Fixed an issue with the battle/trade request on the ranklist in the PSS
  • Fixed the chat not updating the cursor position when inserting a name via tab.

And that’s about it. The update will be live in a few minutes.

//The Pokémon3D team