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Pokémon3D version 0.46.2

To fix a few bugs from the previous version of the game, we update to 0.46.2.

This version of the game doesn’t contain any new features, but here’s the list of fixes:

  • Fixed shader bug when using offset maps
  • Player cannot progress when fainting in the Burned Tower
  • Typo (“Viatmins”)
  • Strange Pokédex entries
  • Location sign not loading first location name
  • Lugia in Whirl Island glitch
  • Forgot to remove a script in Pewter Museum
  • The “Can Learn” indicator is calculated wrongly
  • Zweilos sprite bug
  • Running shoes interfering with scripts
  • Scientist Not Finding Radio signal
  • Crash bug when editing text in the chat
  • A Pokémon gets registered in the Pokédex upon acquiring an egg
  • Tin Tower has wrong map settings
  • Script issues with Gentleman Alfred
  • Trainer house has wrong map settings
  • Surfing tiles under Route 40 and Olivine Dock
  • Guy with wrong TM in Viridian City
  • Chip Away move damage is wrong
  • Copy-Paste crash on Chat Screen
  • Wrong Pokemon data tag for roaming battle crash
  • Wrong Ferroseed sprites
  • Battle Frontier Gate has wrong map settings
  • Amorphous Egg group issues
  • MissingNo appearing in the daycare because it doesn’t get cleared properly
  • GTS stacking friends for logged in users

Also Sitrus Berries have been nerfed to now restore 25% of a Pokémon’s HP instead of exactly 30 HP.

The new version of the game will be available in a few minutes.

//The Pokémon3D Team


Pokémon3D version 0.46

Pokémon3D version 0.46 is finally here!!!

Due to personal stuff, this update got delayed a bit. I am apologizing for the lack of content relative to the time it took to release this version of the game. However, it has new maps, moves and lots of other things to offer. Here’s a detailed list of what’s been added:

Player features:

  • New moves
  • New Abilities (from generation 6)
  • Specific egg colors for every Pokémon
  • Renamed Youngster Joey’s Rattata
  • Added global statistics for the statistics screen (accessible from the PokéGear)
  • Displaying the current BattleSpot team on the trainer card
  • Added CTRL text jumping to the chat
  • Improved online saving times and corruption prevention
  • New Maps: Digletts Cave, Route 1, 2, 3, 22, Viridian Forest, Pewter City, Pewter Museum, Mt. Moon, Viridian City, Pallet Town


  • Revamped Crash Log system
  • Improved File Validation and Process Validation systems
  • Added debug console (toggle with F3 + L)
  • Added Forced Crash (hold F3 + C)
  • Added Bounding Box Renderer (toggle with F3 + B)

Major Fixes:

  • Made the server name box resizable to fit the name
  • Prevented the game from crashing when the Windows Media Player is not installed (mutes the game)
  • Fixed an issue with the battle/trade request on the ranklist in the PSS
  • Fixed the chat not updating the cursor position when inserting a name via tab.

And that’s about it. The update will be live in a few minutes.

//The Pokémon3D team


My superior AI showed it strength.

Well it just kinda spammed Toxic and Minimize/Double Team…

But Spade still beat Koga in this episode, so there you go :D


GameJolt API library for .Net developers.

Hello there,

this time, I developed something a little different: not a game, but something you can support your own game with.

It’s called "JoltNet", and if you are developing a game with a .Net based language like C# or VB.Net and you want to have awesome features like Online storage or Online highscores, this might be your thing:

It’s a library that connects to the GameJolt servers via its API. It contains all features and functions of the current API and I will always keep it updated and provide support for everyone who wants to use it.

It’s also a pretty simple library, with only 3 classes. But even though it might be simple, it also is pretty powerful: It has threading support and uses the GameJolt batch system to send multiple API calls with only one HTTP Request.

If you are interested, you can download the library and a documentary here: JoltNet - .Net GameJolt APIIf you have any questions or feedback, be sure to leave a comment on that page ;)

 - nilllzz


This is Pokémon3D played with the Oculus Rift. I didn’t even think that was possible :D

I don’t think the game is very well optimized to work with the OR, but I love it when people go creative with Pokémon3D :)

The video was made by Vaecon, go check out his channel.

It’s amazingly done for what it is, and I really like it.


Pokémon3D Adventure #37 w/ Spade [Version 0.45]


Pokémon3D version 0.45.1

Pokémon3D version 0.45.1 is here and contains mostly bug fixes and most of all: the support for the custom sprites.

Here’s a list of changes:

For Players:

  • Added Online Sprite system for GameJolt players
  • Updated the File Validation system
  • Added statistics screen
  • Updated the PVP battle map
  • Added the Substitute sprite for battles


  • Multiple PVP crashes and bugs
  • Fixed File Validation interpreting the char “/” wrong.
  • Fixed Eggs can be leveled up
  • Fixed not blacking out in wild battles
  • Fixed Phantump evolving into Alakazam
  • Fixed multiple tpyos
  • Fixed the Sound and Musicmanagers to crash when trying to load an invalid file.

Content Creators:

  • Added new command: @level.waitforsave

I hope you enjoy the changes done to the game. If you experience any crashes or bugs, please report them here:

I will have to study for the Abitur (finals in Germany) and that’s why I won’t be so active for the next 3 months or so. Darkfire and Prince Vade will still continue to deliver updates and changes to the game, though.

//The Pokémon3D Team


The new skin system

What looks like the usual GameJolt login screen in Pokémon3D turns out to be something else, when observed closely:

This screenshot is taken from our new part of the website: The skin system.

If you go to, you can upload your skin to our servers after logging in to your GameJolt account.

And with the next update of Pokémon3D, you will also see the skins of your player and others in the game. The next update will be version 0.45.1 and it will be released tomorrow.

This custom skin will appear while you are connected to a GameJolt account in the game.

Here is the skin I uploaded:

and in the game:

If you don’t upload a sprite for your account, the default sprites that are used right now will appear for your player.


Pokémon3D version 0.45

Pokémon3D version 0.45 contains the most anticipated feature in the century: PVP (at least it seems to me like it is because it got requested so much).

The PVP system might still be a little buggy and needs work. So please expect a few things go wrong and stuff, but the major features and routines should work normally.

Let’s get to the changelog:

For Players:

  • Added Battle Spot. This feature allows players to upload their team and battle against other teams that are already uploaded. Requires GameJolt.
  • Added Player vs. Player battles. These require the players to play on the same server, non-GameJolt and GameJolt players can battle against each other.
  • Added Battle Box to use in the Battle Spot and PVP battles.
  • Added new moves to the game.
  • Added new maps: Lavender Town, Route 8, Route 10 (part 2), Route 11, Route 12, Route 13, Diglett’s Cave
  • Added new channels to the Kanto Radio.
  • Added Phantump and evolution.


  • Fixed God-Mode to not end properly.
  • Fixed the ability to paste “,” and “.” to Pokémon’s names.
  • Fixed trading not registering in the player’s Pokédex.
  • Fixed eggs show their held items on the storage system.
  • Fixed TM 90 having wrong name.
  • Fixed Eevee and Shuckle Pokémon scripts.
  • Fixed RoamingPokémon appearing in RockSmash, HeadbuttTree and Rod encounters.
  • Fixed Hidden Power description.
  • Fixed Natural Gift move
  • Fixed the Headbutt problem.
  • Fixed Radio Tower Typo.
  • Fixed Vermilion City trainer trap.
  • Fixed “Lavender City” in the powerplant script.
  • Fixed Pokédex crash when displaying Shinx and Luxray.

Content Creators:

  • Added new commands: and @daycare.cleardata
  • Grass Entities can now take a specific .poke file path as additional value.

That’s it for this time. Have fun with this new update of Pokémon3D.

You can get the update from the launcher, it will be available in a few minutes.

If you encounter any bugs with this version of the game, be sure to let us know:

//The Pokémon3D Team.



For the next update of Pokémon3D, the last box in your PC will become the Battle Box. Due to this change, you can only store 6 Pokémon in that box. You will lose every other Pokémon that is in the last box of your PC.

So make sure you take your Pokémon out of the last box and store them somewhere else in the PC.

Here’s a little preview:

Have a nice day,

 - nilllzz